How to Participate

AcceleRaytor is an initiative by Raydium to spearhead the growth of the Solana Ecosystem. It serves as a launchpad for the latest projects to raise capital and drive initial liquidity in a decentralized and interoperable manner, while enabling both project and Raydium communities to participate in carefully curated and vetted token offerings.

If you're interested in launching a project on AcceleRaytor, please fill out this form and we'll get back to you if the project is a good fit!

How to participate:

AcceleRaytor launches consist of 'pools' where users can contribute funds in order to receive an allocation of project tokens. Each project and pool is likely to have different participation requirements and structure so it's important to stay updated before a launch.

  1. Visit the 'AcceleRaytor' page on Raydium. Here you can view pools and their status.

2. You can click on a pool to view additional details. Make sure to make note of the requirements to join the pool to ensure you'll be able to participate.

3. When the pool opens, to participate first make sure that you meet the requirements, then simply enter the amount you would like to contribute up to the maximum allocation limit and click 'Join Pool'.

NOTE: Once you have joined a pool, you will not be able to withdraw your tokens or funds until after the pool closes and at the time specified.

4. In order to claim your tokens and remaining funds, return to the pool at the specified claim time. Then simply click 'Claim' and funds will be transferred to your wallet!

That's it! You've now participated in an AcceleRaytor launch on Raydium!